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2018 | Memorial to John James, F.S.A., SALON (the e-newsletter of the Society of Antiquaries), issue 404, 10.4.18

2018 | (with D. Knight) Exploring the East Midlands: Involving communities in historic environment research, East Midlands History and Heritage 6, 26-7

2017 | Wildfire and archaeological research on Fylingdales Moor, Prehistoric Yorkshire 55, 38-46

2016 | Neolithic ceramics, in D. Jackson Neolithic to Romano-British occupation at Durranhill, Carlisle: Archaeological investigations 1997-8 and 2001, Trans C&WAAS 3, 16, 158-62

2016 | Early prehistoric pottery, in I. Roberts and P. Weston Excavations at Rossington Grange Farm, South Yorkshire, Yorks Archaeol. Journ. 88, 18-21

2015 | (with D. Knight) Engaging communities in Heritage Research: regional research frameworks as mechanisms for stimulating research and enhancing public understanding, in J.S. Ghattas, D. Henson and Y.F. Willumsen (eds) Managing Archaeological Heritage, Kristiansand, 6-15

Newgate Foot stone setting, Allerston, North Yorkshire: report on the re-erection of a fallen stone, The Archaeological Forum Journal, 3, 1-8

2014 | Prehistoric pottery, and cup-marked stones, in A. Platell Archaeological investigations along the Roman road through Chester-le-Street, County Durham, Durham Archaeol. Journ. 19, 62 and 65-66

Pottery, in P. Rowe A Bronze Age Beaker from Howl’s Nest, Maltby, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham Archaeol. Journ., 19, 2-4

(with R. Fraser and D. Ronan) Managing the Historic Environment of the Yorkshire Uplands, in M. Atherden and V. Wallace (eds) The Future of the Uplands: Prospects for Northern England, York: Place, 61-79

2013 | Contributions to J. Harding Cult, Religion and Pilgrimage Archaeological Investigations at the Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire

The Tortie Stone revisited, Trans. Cumb. Westmorland Archaeol. Soc. Ser 3, 13, 17-32

(With S.J. Sherlock) Evidence for Iron Age salt-working at Street House, Loftus, North East Yorks, Yorks. Archaeol. Journ.

Contributions to J. Zant and C. Howard-Davis (eds) Scots Dyke to Turnpike: The Archaeology of the A66, Greta Bridge to Scotch Corner, Lancaster Imprint 18

2012 | Finding a dim far away past: nineteenth-century archaeological endeavour in Cleveland, Yorkshire Archaeol. Journ. 84, 22-37

(with D. Knight and C. Allen) East Midlands Heritage: An Updated Research Agenda and Strategy for the Historic Environment of the East Midlands

The Archaeology of Roman Dere Street

2011 | (with I. Wall) A Neolithic cairn at Whitwell, Derbyshire, Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, 131, 1-131

A new context for rock art: a Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ritual monument at Fylingdales, North Yorkshire, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 77, 1–23

(with J. Richardson) An exotic Early Bronze Age funerary assemblage from Stanbury, West Yorkshire, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 77, 49-63

(with J. Innes, D. Long and W. Mitchell) The archaeology of the Washlands: a review, in Bridgeland, D., Innes, J., Long, D. and Mitchell, W. (eds) Late Quaternary Landscape Evolution of the Swale-Ure Washland, North Yorkshire, 211-33

2009 | Prehistoric and Roman archaeology (with N. Redfern), in Leach, P. and Pevsner, N. Yorkshire West Riding: Leeds, Bradford and the North, 7-12

The North York Moors: marginal settlement or marginal evidence?, Ruralia VII, 77-89

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(with N. Redfern) Fylingdales Moor: A lost landscape rises from the ashes, Current Archaeology, 19.10, 20-27

2007 | Fylingdales: Wildfire and Archaeology

A great north route in Neolithic and Bronze Age Yorkshire: the evidence of landscape and monuments, Landscapes, 8, 69-84

Wildfire revelations, Voice of the Moors, 89, 14-15

The pottery, in S.J. Sherlock, The Excavation of an Iron Age Settlement at Street House, Loftus, North-East Yorkshire 2004-2006, 22-29

2006 | (with D. Knight) Making Archaeology Matter: Quarrying and Archaeology in the Trent Valley

2005 | Early prehistoric pottery, in I. Roberts (ed) Ferrybridge Henge: The Ritual Landscape, Yorkshire Archaeology, 10, 127-30

Pottery, in M. Waughman (ed) Archaeology and Environment of Submerged Landscapes in Hartlepool Bay, England, Tees Archaeology Monograph, 2, 16-17

2004 | (with A.J. Long, D.R .Bridgland, J.B. Innes, A.M. Wishart and M. Rutherford) The Swale-Ure Washlands: Landscape History and Human Impacts

2003 | Pottery, in C. Moloney, R. Holbrey, P. Wheelhouse and I. Roberts Catterick Racecourse, North Yorkshire: The Reuse and Adaptation of a Monument from Prehistoric to Anglian Times, Archaeological Services (WYAS) Publications, 4, 30-35

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Excavations at Low Farm, Thornton, Cleveland, Durham Archaeological Journal, 17, 17-24

Contributions to R.A. Butlin (ed) Historical Atlas of North Yorkshire, 30-34, and 42-47

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The edge of nowhere?, Voice of the Moors, Autumn 1996, 8.

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1977 | The excavation of a standing stone at Miskin, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Archaeologia Cambrensis 126, 17-23

The Vervil earthwork, Merthyr Mawr, Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 27, 328-29

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